Medical Office Staff Basic Duties and Responsibilities
  • Collect all medication, including OTC meds, from parents/guardians/campers. Ensure familiarity with the medication, dosing, and any special instructions needed for administration. Medications should be labeled with the campers name and placed in ziplock bag and stored in medication cabinet by cabin.
  • Review medical health forms and ensure that all allergies are annotated and those relevant to the kitchen staff should be reported to the appropriate kitchen staff along with any other special dietary needs.
  • Ensure camp counselors are aware of any medication needs, health issues or limitations, and any other special needs of their assigned campers.
     Day to Day Operation
  • Maintain cleanliness of the medical office.
  • Log visits, treatments, and medication administration in the appropriate section of the medical binder.
  • Ensure all emergencies or events that require a parent consultation or the camper to be sent home are logged on an incident form.
  • Maintain list of needed or missing inventory to be turned in to camp staff for purchase.
  • Communicate with the Camp Nurse Coordinator when needed.
  • Examine campers and camp staff as needed for health related complaints.
  • Administer both prescription and OTC meds in a safe manner.
  • Administer first aid/treatment within your specific scope of practice. Do not attempt any first aid or treatment that you are not comfortable or proficient with.
  • Always be accessible to campers and camp staff, either by being in the medical office or having a camp radio on hand with you.
  • Ensure all camper medications are returned to camper parents or guardians as they are checked out at the end of camp.
  • Collect all paperwork associated with this particular camp session and ensure it is given to camp staff. This includes both registration and all medical paperwork.


Help with breakfast, dinner, and snack preparation help with kitchen clean up, make everyone happy by keeping them nourished. May involve some errands. Report to kitchen staff. Under the direction of our Kitchen Supervisor, this behind-the-scenes crew helps with food preparation and food service for approximately 150 people each meal. Additionally, they perform a variety of clean-up duties including dishwashing, sweeping, mopping, etc. The Kitchen Crew rises early in the morning to get ready for breakfast, and finishes their work in the kitchen following the dinner meal. These individuals must be team players, safety conscious, and take pride in their service. Sanitary methods will be trained and practiced.



Assist with age appropriate activities to involve campers and their counselors during activity periods, in coordination with the Camp Director and the camp counselors during the activity periods. Provide leadership, guide, motivate and instruct the campers during each activity period. Develop a team feeling in activities, promote Christ-like character.


Cabin Staff serve as mentors to a group of 10+/- campers with whom they reside. Daily responsibilities include building positive relationships, leading activities, team building, guiding cabin devotions, promoting self-discipline and self-awareness among campers, safeguarding campers physically and emotionally, and more. Each cabin staff member is seen as a leadership position and must exemplify Christ-like characteristics and be a positive role model to the campers.

Relief Counselor

Horse Wranglers teach lessons during skill periods and prepare campers for rides. They provide instruction in the riding ring which includes the fundamentals of horse care, general safety around horses, and riding basics. Horse Wranglers must have prior riding experience. Additional responsibilities include performing barn chores and general upkeep of the stables.

Clean Up Crew 

The grounds crew, maintains the cleanliness of the camp’s grounds and buildings.   Coordinates, and manages the day-to-day maintenance of the camp facilities. This includes, responding to campers’ needs, and maintaining the camp’s vehicles and safety equipment. Often working alone, grounds-crew members clean the camp’s toilets and bathrooms and collect the trash daily, and they clean the entire camp on changeover days. In addition, they make minor repairs to plumbing, electrical wiring, carpentry, and screen-doors; they work on the grounds, and occasionally shop for supplies in town. Grounds crew-members have night-duty several evenings a week, which could basic housekeeping of facilities.


Group made up of skilled and semi-skilled volunteers who help to improve the Camp Hope experience by constructing new structures and repairing existing ones. This could include pavilions, cabins, fence, etc…


To identify and recruit quality and capable volunteers. To develop and maintain a database of volunteers and their skills. To complete approved projects in reasonable time and within the financial guidelines of the budget.

Typical Projects

Vehicle maintenance Roofing projects Renovations Plumbing
General fix-it projects Construction Landscaping Painting
Electrical Concrete construction and more…


Works to maintain existing facilities of Camp Hope. Works to maintain existing vehicles and equipment of Camp Hope



Mix monitors and mains, Maintain all sound equipment  Set-up/tear-down as needed, Running of various cues through sound effects software, Implementation of Music volunteer/staff’s sound design, Be available to teach interested students about sound, be available for service you are scheduled to serve in.


Build relationships with students and youth/children’s ministers throughout the week, Participate in services, Worship opportunities, Participate in any daily meetings with Program Director and/or Camp Pastors about worship services, Assist Program Director with student involvement, Assist with load-in and load-out with a concentration on band equipment and technical equipment, Responsible for attending rehearsals and mastering your craft, Responsible for upkeep/maintenance of instruments/equipment, be a leader, and be a worshipper.

Bus Driver

Transport campers to various activities when needed. Proper TN Driver’s License with passenger endorsements. Clean driving record.


  1. Assure at all times during the program that children are transported in a safe manner.
  2. Check vehicle before each trip using “Vehicle Safety Check Sheet”.
  3. Communicating with camp director about vehicle maintenance as needed.
  4. Actively participating in passenger loading and unloading of procedures.
  5. Maintaining accurate passenger counts, during, and after each trip.
  6. Attend all staff meetings and training sessions as required by Camp Hope of East TN.
  7. Help maintain adequate safety equipment and vehicle supplies when needed.
  8. Maintain a clean vehicle for program use.
  9. Availability during Scheduled trips may include Saturdays.


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